People of the Ninth

Kali. Z. Fasteau & Kidd Jordan

This is humanist avant-garde jazz with warmth, soul, and deep feeling, using acoustic instruments: saxophones, piano, cello, bamboo flutes, drums and the cosmic bowed aquasonic.

The title of this powerful new CD refers to the Ninth Ward of New Orleans, where Professor Jordan and his family have lived for many years, that was destroyed by the breaking of the levees the morning after Hurricane Katrina had passed over. PEOPLE OF THE NINTH was recorded late night on September 25, 2005, soon after the hurrican and its terrible aftermath: the rescue denied, the separation of families, the continuing lethal racism of the power structure. During this session Professor Jordan, on tenor saxophone, eloquently expresses this experience, and his transcendence of it through the alchemy of sound. Kali. Z. and Michael T.A. empathically commune with Professor Jordan in creating this release of original music.
Kali. Z. has felt strong connections with New Orleans and Louisiana ever since she worked for C.O.R.E. (Congress of Racial Equality) on voter registration and community organization in New Orleans, Opelousas, Lafayette and Monroe, Louisiana in 1966. On this recording, she plays piano, cello, soprano saxophone, Nai (oblique reed flute), and aquasonic (bowed metal jug). Percussionist Michael T.A. Thompson contributes his dynamic 'soundrhythium' on drums and balafon. ALL PROFITS FROM THE SALES OF PEOPLE OF THE NINTH WILL BE DONATED TO THE LOUIS 'SATCHMO' ARMSTRONG SUMMER JAZZ CAMP IN NEW ORLEANS, UNDER THE MUSICAL DIRECTION OF PROFESSOR KIDD JORDAN.

Biographies: KALI. Z. FASTEAU comes from a musical family. Multi-instrumentalism is second nature to her, as she began playing piano, cello, flute and voice during early childhood in Paris and New York. Her social awareness developed early too: at age 16 she went on her own to the historic 1963 March on Washington. In 1965, prior to her work for C.O.R.E. in Louisiana (1966), she worked on voter registration and community organization in Monroe, Georgia for S.C.L.C. (Dr. King and Hosea Williams' organization). Then, deciding to work for social change by creating mind, heart and ear-opening music, she completed her university training in World Music and Jazz, and traveled for fourteen years, living and performing in India (1981-83), Turkey (1976-77), Nepal, Morocco, Senegal, Congo, Italy, Holland, France, Denmark, Belgium, Switzerland, Yugoslavia, Germany, Greece, Haiti and America. Her recording and performing associates include Donald Rafael Garrett, William Parker, Archie Shepp, Rashied Ali, Kidd Jordan, Joe McPhee, Beaver Harris, Hamid Drake, Oliver Lake, Warren Smith, Bobby Few, Noah Howard, Andrew Cyrille, and many others. Kali. Z. played for many festivals, concerts, radio, television and film soundtracks, and has led her ensembles at New York's Town Hall, Lincoln Center, Guggenheim Museum, the Museum of Modern Art in Paris, the Museum Theatre in Chennai (Madras), India, the National Museum of Haiti, and hundreds of other noted venues and festivals worldwide.

"PEOPLE OF THE NINTH is transfixing, perfectly balanced and immensely wonderful job. Hallelujah is all one can say!" Downtown Music

"Part of New York' original free-jazz scene, Kali's music is fierce...pure and constant rapture." The New York Times

"Multi-instrumentalist improv-goddess Kali. Z. plays truly wonderful music. Highest recommendation!" Other Music

KIDD JORDAN hails from New Orleans and is one of the few great avant-garde Jazz pioneers from the Crescent City, as well as being renowned for his expert versatility in all musical genres. During his illustrious international career he has performed with Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, the Supremes, Ornette Coleman, Ed Blackwell, Cannonball Adderly, Cecil Taylor, Fred Anderson, William Parker, Hamid Drake and many others. His warm and powerful sound on the tenor saxophone is a unique gift to the music world. For many years Mr. Jordan was a Professor of Music at Southern University in New Orleans. He has conducted music education and cultural exchange programs in West Africa, as well as in the United States.

MICHAEL T.A. THOMPSON describes his work as 'Soundrhythium'. He has performed with a wide variety of musical artists including Joe McPhee, Henry Grimes, John Stubblefield, Harvie Swartz, Barbara Sfraga, Mala Waldron, the Calypsonians, the Mighty Sparrow, Becket, and Owen Gray, as well as artists from classical to rap and beyond. Allowing all these influences to flow through him, Michael's palette encompasses an abundance of sound colors. He hears everything, and plays with it in a way that's inventive and perceptively responsive.

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